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One mile from the border

At 231 acres, Third Connecticut Lake is the third largest of the four Connecticut Lakes and the second deepest. Launch your boat from the accessible boat ramp to enjoy not just the outstanding fishing, but the sounds and sights of some of the most pristine wilderness you are likely to encounter. Fish the deeper waters for rainbow trout and lake trout in warmer months and rainbow trout, cusk and lake trout in winter.

Third Connecticut Lake is located 20 miles from the village of Pittsburg. It is just one mile south of the .S./Canadian border and the legendary Magnetic Hill. Remarkably, the expansive lake is fed by the Fourth Connecticut Lake, a small pond just to the south of the Canadian border.

This lake is undeveloped and primarily fished by boat though some wading is possible in the area of the boat launch. It is possible to walk north along the shore for quite a distance. You may hear or see pairs of nesting loons. Rarely will you encounter more than one or two anglers at this beautiful spot.

Vital Statistics

Surface elevation                    2,188 feet

Area                                                 231 acres

Inflow                                             Connecticut River

Location                                        Twenty miles north of Pittsburg, on Route 3

Outflow                                         Connecticut River

Average depth                          42 feet

Maximum depth                      101 feet


Rainbow Trout:

Anglers may fish for rainbow trout from January 1 until September 30. The daily limit is five fish or five pounds, whichever comes first, with no length limit.

Lake Trout:

Anglers may fish for lake trout from January 1 until September 30. The daily limit is two lake trout, with a minimum length 18 inches.

Ice Fishing:

Ice fishing is permitted on the lake from January 1 thru March 31. Each angler is permitted two trap lines. Daily bag limit for lake trout is 2 fish and the minimum length is 18 inches. The daily bag limit for brook trout is five fish or five pounds, whichever is reached first. There is no length minimum or daily limit for cusk.


Gravel boat launch, outhouse, parking for boat trailers.

3rd Connecticut Lake Bathymetry Map
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