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Lake Francis is one of the region’s newest bodies of water

Most visitors would be surprised to learn that Lake Francis is a 1,934-acre, 79-year-old reservoir
built by the Army Corps of Engineers for flood control. This beautiful and pristine body of water
surrounded by mountains is the launching point for several beautiful hikes as well as
snowmobile and ATV trails. Beautifully integrated into the region, Lake Francis is now a sister to
Pittsburg’s four Connecticut Lakes.

The Army Corps of Engineers completed the project in 1940. A 117-foot dam, Murphy Dam,
manages the outflow to the Connecticut River flowing south. The reservoir’s capacity is 131,375
acre feet. Lake Francis is 5.4 miles in length and spans the Pittsburg/Clarksville boundary.
The lake is also the site of a New Hampshire State Park that serves as a base for a number of
recreational activities.

Vital Statistics

Surface Elevation                    1,379 feet

Area                                                 3.02 miles

Length                                             5.4 miles

Width                                              1.3 miles

Inflow                                              Connecticut River

Outflow                                          Murphy Dam/Connecticut River

Location                                         Labrador Brook, Cedar Stream and the Connecticut River on the north side of the lake.

GPS                                                   45°5′37″N 71°14′52″W

Average Depth                          40 feet

Maximum Depth                      82 feet


Fish found in Lake Francis include Rainbow trout, brown trout, landlocked salmon, lake trout, Eastern chain pickerel, burbot and rainbow smelt.

Lake Trout:

The fishing season for lake trout runs from April 1 through September 30. Daily
limits are 2 lake trout over 18 inches.

Brook Trout:

The fishing season for brook trout begins on the fourth Saturday of April and runs
through October 15th. Daily limit is five fish or five pounds whichever comes first with no length limit.


The season for landlocked salmon runs from April 1 until September 30. 2 fish daily limit. Minimum length 15 inches.

   NOTE: The daily bag limit for lake trout and salmon is 2 fish — 1 of each or 2 lake trout or 2 salmon.

Ice Fishing:

The ice fishing season runs from January 1 to March 31. Only two trap (lines) are permitted per angler. The daily bag limit for lake trout is 2 fish and the minimum length is 18 inches. The daily bag limit for brook trout is 5 fish or 5 pounds with no minimum length. There is no length minimum or daily limit for cusk.


Fishing, snowmobiling, OHRV sports, swimming, canoeing, boating, picnicking, camping, hiking, grilling.


Two public boat launches:

  • Boat launch directly off Route 3

  • Boat launch off River Road in Lake Francis State Park

Lake Francis Bathymetry Map
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